Nigerian ex-International, Ajilore, parents hail organizers of Youth FC kiddies league in Abuja

Nigerian ex-International, Ajilore, parents hail organizers of Youth FC kiddies league in Abuja
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Former Nigeria Super Eagles player, Femi Ajilore was among several dignitaries who graced the finals of the Young FC Youth League that took place in Abuja last Saturday.

It was a sight to behold as the young lads expressed explicit football artistry to the delight of the invited guest.

Speaking with our correspondent after the matches, Ajilore expressed delight with the football artistry of the young lads noting that Nigeria’s football future is very bright. He particularly expressed satisfaction with the new development where parents are now really encouraging their children to play football at a very young age.

“It was a good one. Seeing the parents coming to cheer their kids is encouraging, and of course, I must commend the efforts of those who put the tournament together and for inviting me and others to come around to encourage these young lads. It was a good and encouraging one for me and for the kids. As you can see they were all happy. It means a lot to them. This is part of what we crave, to encourage their passion so that in the near future we will see some of them representing the National teams, and of course, see them fulfilling their dreams.

I saw some of them, and I have seen some of them before in our previous kiddie’s league edition, and I can see development in some of them. So, some that played in our U-8 last year I saw some of them playing at the U-10 levels and their ball handling has quite improved which tells us that they are working and they are improving on a daily basis. And of course, some that I did not know that I spotted in the course of the game showed us that they are truly learning because one of the things we need to see them do is the basics. Obviously, it is not every one of them that is doing it and that is it is a developmental process for them. But for those that are doing it you can see that they are doing it well even though there is still room for improvement,” he concluded

Some of the parents who spoke with our correspondent expressed delight with the organizers for deeming it fit to set up such a wonderful program for their children during this long holiday,

Mrs. Adeola Ogunrinde, “First of all, the competition is good and coming at this time, the time of the holidays when the children do not have much to do. So their coming together to organize this kind of tournament is a good one. It freely allows them to show their skills and also meet with other contestants from different places. So, it’s really been a good one I have been opportune to be part, and I have witnessed the six matches played and the children have really proven themselves. And the ones that are winning you will see that there has been so much work put in their respective team to bring them to where they are. I am really impressed with their performances.

My son is so enthusiastic about football. At home he watches football, when he reads he reads about football. Has favorites and then it has now come to play his extra curium activities. He goes to practice every time and with passion and enthusiasm.

Of course, I will encourage him to go to whatever extent he wishes to go in football. Apart from the money that is so loud in that industry, and if somebody has a passion for something you should be able to support them to do the thing.

For her part, Mrs. Joy Okorie stressed, “My child plays for FC International football club, and to be honest they are doing amazingly so well. Initially, I did not like football but I saw the interest in my child I decided to place it on it, and to God be the glory I have seen how amazing and passionate they are all going about it and I am glad that I made up my mind put him in it. Today I am enjoying it and I have been coming every time they have a competition. The kids are doing well to be honest because it’s not easy to play such kinds of games that they are playing, honestly speaking and I am really proud of them,

Meanwhile, Princewill Amadi, a partner of Youngstars FC Academy, who are the organisers of the event, noted that the whole idea of organizing the event was borne out of a passion for the game, while keeping the kids busy and making them do what they love to do most.

“For us, it’s just an opportunity to have children do what they like doing which is Soccer, and do it in a competitive atmosphere, and that is why we did it again this year.

At Youngstars FC, we love to encourage kids and that is the reason we have been part of events like this in the past Five years. So, it’s important for us as parents and as coordinators to try and build the capacity of the children that we have around us.

Myself and my partner at Youngstars FC love football and we like to see young boys who also love the game and want to play, and then with the assistance of the wonderful coaches in the team, we assist them play it well,” he stated.












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