RAHVAI empowers 5 Nigerian Women in Abuja

RAHVAI empowers 5 Nigerian Women in Abuja
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An International NGO, ‘Rehabilitation and Hope for the Vulnerable in Africa Initiative’ – RAHVAI has empowered five Nigerian ladies with tailoring skills while also providing them with brand new tailoring machines to enable them to set up their trade.

The presentation of the Tailoring machine took place in Abuja recently during the official launch of the Pastor’s NGO organization which is set up to provide support and succor to the less privileged in Nigeria.

Speaking with the media after the occasion, the coordinator of the NGO, and US-based Pastor Miracle Elijah noted that the five recipients were just the humble beginning of the organization, stressing that the number of the recipients would be increasing with every New Year.

He maintained that the job to tackle poverty in Nigeria should not be left to the Government alone while also stressing that it is the responsibility of every well-to-do Nigerian whether leaving in Nigerian or abroad to assist the Government in their own way.

The Pastor said further; “I think poverty the way it is, it’s almost taking over the nation and it is becoming like a kind of disease and a kind national epidemic that is trying to take over the land, but I still believe that it is something that we can put under control if we can live a selfless life if we decide to meet one another needs, I think it’s something we can, it’s something we can subdue.

“I don’t really believe in the ideology that Government should provide everything because even where I stay in the united state, it is not the government, the government plays her role and while the organizations also play their own role, The individuals also play their own role, it’s a joint thing that had to be taken seriously.

And talking specifically about the current project he said, “In this current Project, all we are doing here is just trying to empower people to leave where they are so they can be a blessing because one thing in life is that if you raise one, the person you raise will no longer be at the same level, the person will have the capacity to be able to raise others and that’s you see will begin to make changes in life. The reason I decided to go into this project is because of the kind of life I lived and how God used both men and women at different levels to change my status.

One of the recipients, Mrs. Faith Agbako expressed joy for being one of the lucky once the training she had received would go a long way to changing her life. Speaking with the media she explained how she got to be selected for the program.

“I got to hear about this from my husband who got the information, and I was so happy when I heard it and I had to grab the opportunity because fashion is always something I have passion for from the unset. But the resources, because when you hear the prices of fashion school, it’s usually crazy. But when I heard about the opportunity, I had to grab it and with all my heart and I am so happy I did.

On why she qualifies for a program meant specifically for the downtrodden in the society, she said, “Ok I was doing little business in my own little way and things were tough and at that time when I got the information, and at that point I was thinking ‘’what do I do next’’ since things were going to high, I was no longer making so much profit in my business as I expected,  and things were just increasing, and when I heard about the opportunity, I just knew it’s something I needed have passion for.

“Wow, I have learn a whole lot of things. I have learned how to make men’s clothes, women’s clothes, I make my children’s clothes, their Christmas clothes for this year am going to make them myself, my husband, so I have learnt a lot of things. Even this dress am wearing, I made it myself and it was so beautiful,” she said.

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