Take A Peek At The The First Primary School In Nigeria

Take A Peek At The The First Primary School In Nigeria
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Badagry has a place in the history of Nigeria. It was one of the earliest settlements of the colonial masters when they arrived Nigeria in the 19th century. So apparently, it is noted as the cradle of western civilization in Nigeria because civilization started there. It was there that the first storey building and the first primary school are located. These structures are located in the coastal town of Badagry to facilitate communication and formal education.

When the colonial masters arrived in Nigeria, there was a breach in communication between the locals and the white men(colonial masters). So, there were often misunderstandings between the colonial masters and the natives. In order to put an end to the conflicts between both parties, a school was established in Badagry so that formal education will take place.

This school became Nigeria’s first primary school. It was founded in 1843 in the town of Badagry. Initially, the school was named The Nursery Of Infant Church but was later renamed St. Thomas Anglican Nursery and Primary School by Rev. Golmer of the Church Missionary Society (CMS).

The school started at the site of the first storey building and was later moved to its present location at Topo, Badagry.

The Current State Of The Building

It is still a school (which has been improved to a 2 storey building), but the relics of the old section is still standing till date.

It has 4 classroom blocks with each classroom having a maximum capacity of about 30 pupils. A structure that ought to be a historical edifice and a tourist site is suffering from neglect. It is true that the building is currently not in use but it was not properly maintained. The roofs are tearing apart and there are no guides. It is an important structure because it holds the memories of the first school which produced Nigeria’s first educationists and other professionals.

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