Woman Who Was Shot And Accused Of Killing Her Husband Shares Her Story

Woman Who Was Shot And Accused Of Killing Her Husband Shares Her Story
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The story of a 27-year-old lady identified as Chidinma Benita Okwuibe went viral a few days ago. She was shot alongside her co-wife and her mum during the burial of her late husband.

Gun Men stormed the burial, shot her, the co-wife and her mother for refusing to admit they murdered her husband, Jeremiah. This incident took place in Obosi, Anambra State.

Chidinma survived the gun shot and was rushed to the hospital. Unfortunately, her Mother and co-wife died. Chidinma and her sister identified as Faith narrated how everything happened to BBC News Pidgin.

Faith explained how some unknown men stormed the burial with face masks and began to shoot at Chidinma, her in-law and co-wife.

Faith revealed that the incident happened on the day her sister’s husband, a 33-year-old Man known as Jeremiah Onyedika Anyaebunam was being buried. Jeremiah died just 2 days before his 33 years Birthday, he had a terrible leg injury that refused to heal.

After the burial of Jeremiah, Faith and other visitors went outside to sit with Chidinma. As they all sat outside, Faith said she saw 4 men with face masks and they rushed into the venue. People sitting under the canopy ran away on sighting the men.

Faith said people thought they were just angry youths that came for the burial since the late husband died at a young age. Immediately the Men began to shoot, Faith, Chidinma, their mum and other people ran inside to save themselves from the bullets.

As they all ran inside the house, the gun Men kept banging on the door and asked them to open the door. Faith even thought the Men were armed robbers and not just youths.

The Men later gained entrance into the house, they began to order them to come out and lie on the floor. As they were all coming out, the gun Men separated Chidinma, her co-wife and her Mother from the crowd.

Faith explained that the Gunmen asked her Mother what actually happened to late Jeremiah. Their Mother began to shout and explain that she was innocent, the gunmen shot her despite this claim. They shot her twice to make sure she was actually dead.

After the death of her Mother, the Gunmen shot the co-wife, then went and shot Chidinma 3 times.

Chidinma was rushed to the hospital and she has been there since the incident occurred. She is already on the road to recovery, she can walk a little now.

Chidinma also told BBC that before the gunmen shot at her, they asked her what actually happened to her husband. They gave her only 2 minutes to explain what happened to her husband, she tried to make them understand she had nothing to do with his death.

Chidinma said she even told them to take her to a shrine to swear so that she can prove she had no hand in his death. Chidinma told them she started to date the Man since the year 2012, still yet they shot her.

Chidinma is asking for justice because she believes those Men were hired assassins sent to kill her.

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