3 Phone Concepts That Never Worked Out

3 Phone Concepts That Never Worked Out
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It seems like tech companies are trying to sell you the next big thing every other day. Phones in particular go through a lot of new ideas and some proposals don’t always end up working out. Here is a list of phone concepts that didn’t, can’t or aren’t likely to hit the mainstream.

Optical Zoom Camera Phones

Smartphones are the reason most people don’t have digital cameras anymore. The only exceptions are professional photographers and filmmakers who need a degree of performance they can get only from a specialized device. One of the biggest advantages of traditional cameras is the ability to take clearer pictures from farther away. Some companies try to bridge this gap by creating phones whose cameras featured an adjustable optical zoom. The downside was that all the extra lenses made the phone bulkier. Given a choice between the two, most consumers ended up choosing slimmer sleeker phones instead of better long-distance photography.

Early Gaming Phones

Games have been on phones since long before the first iPhones appeared. Still, their quality was lagging far behind the then-current mobile gaming platforms. That didn’t stop a few companies from trying to put out an all-in-one phone and portable gaming device.

We could go into all the reasons why various attempts weren’t successful, but the biggest one was that they couldn’t compete with either phones or handheld consoles of the same generation. They also tended to have unimpressive game libraries and manufacturers that didn’t have much experience in designing video game hardware.

Transparent Phones

Considering that companies have been working on them since 2009. You’d think see-through phones would be standard by now. One problem is that all the batteries and circuitry need to go somewhere and since you can’t put it behind the screen, there aren’t many places left. Another issue is that you have two images layered on top of each other with a transparent screen, there is the image on the screen and then whatever is behind it, unless you pointed at a blank wall, your eye is going to have trouble knowing what to focus on. You can partially solve this problem by cranking up the brightness but that uses up more power reducing the battery life.

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