Criminals won’t survive in shooting sports- President of the Nigeria Shooting Sports Federation says

Criminals won’t survive in shooting sports- President of the Nigeria Shooting Sports Federation says
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By Martin Odiete

Following the sensitivity of shooting sports, and in other to avoid training shooters who would turn out to be delinquents in the society, the president of the Nigeria Shooting sports Federation, Gen. Adeoye has declared that they are very strict in their policy of admitting persons into the Game.

Speaking with, Brig.Gen. Londsdale Adeoye (RTD) said that they have put measures in place that ensure that criminals are separated from those that are admitted into the shooting game. He boasted that the best shooters are most times the calmest persons and the most disciplined.

 “You cannot be a good shooter without be calm, you must not be hot tempered, you must not be insane. Then you must be very obedient and you must be God fearing. Apart from that, we have a vetting forms which they all fill, the character of everybody. And now we are doing anti doping,”

He stressed that the Federation is very serious with the anti doping policy as a way of curbing any issue of waywardness, stressing that they do not intend to produce Athletes who would put them all in trouble.  

“We started doing anti doping in our Federation since we came in. Shooting has the highest number of anti doping drugs; because to keep yourself and calculating is very difficult, but if you develop it naturally you can be a leader any time anywhere. You can hardly raise the temper of a good shooter. He will just look at you and laugh.

“I am happy that Nigeria has signed the anti doping agreement. It’s a key, because if we go out, with all our training and one person is caught they will ban us all for years, even officials will be in trouble. Now as we going to start training they are going to be texting us at random,” he concluded

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