Why Osama Bin Laden’s Body Was Thrown Into The Sea and Not Buried On Land

Why Osama Bin Laden’s Body Was Thrown Into The Sea and Not Buried On Land
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Osama Bin Ladin, a notorious terrorist who was killed in 2011 by a team of US Special forces known as Seal Team Six.

Many could not believe that the Al Qaeda leader was killed by the US Government under the leadership of the then President, Barack Obama but as time went on, they had no choice but to believe that he had been gunned down. Osama was buried immediately at sea.

In this post, I will start reason why Osama was buried at sea and not in a grave on land:

If Osama was buried on land, people would have turned his tomb into a centre of attraction and his loyalist would have fought tirelessly to possess his body.

US officials in an interview said that it would have been impossible for any nation to agree to bury his remains being that he had a very serious criminal record for murdering so many people, so it was safe to bury his remains at sea.

Also, many terrorists that had a connection to him would have used his burial ground as a refuge for Islamists, even though it is prohibited by the Islamic religion.

Burial at sea is not that common in Islamic religion or other religions, but it can be allowed in certain scenarios. For instance, if the victim dies while on the boat cruise and it would take days before they can arrive on land for the funeral.

Also, there have been many speculations that He was buried at sea because it wasn’t the real Osama Bin Laden, but DNA reports show that it was Osama that was killed and buried at sea.

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