Yahoo Boys Die After Mocking Pastor Ibiyeomie

Yahoo Boys Die After Mocking Pastor Ibiyeomie
January 29 16:39 2022 Print This Article

Pastor David Ibiyeomie, the General Overseer of Port Harcourt based ministry, Salvation Ministries was seen in a video post that went viral recently while preaching in a programme against the activities of the internet fraudsters otherwise referred to as, “Yahoo Boys”.

He was seen cursing and prayerfully raining some dreadful oaths on them if they would insist on their evil ways. It could be recorded of some recent happenings in the country in respect of a series of ritual killings and people’s disappearances that were attributed to the activities of these ” Yahoo Boys”.

Hence, the cleric has taken to issuing serious curses against them if they would not desist from the evil ways that have cost the lives of so many innocent people, most especially the female folks. He has cursed them that, they would have an accident and die in the cars bought from the proceeds of the evil activities carried out on innocent citizens.

After the cleric had issued the curses in a post that has gone viral on social media platforms, some boys were seen mocking the cleric and dared to continue in their activities, not minding what could come out from the curses issued by the cleric.

According to sources, it was recorded that, some of the boys that mocked the cleric has reportedly died. This would definitely cause an uproar and be a sort of check for whoever would still continue to perpetrate evil or fail to adhere to corrections when being instructed to desist from doing evil.

In this wise, we could also see what the word of God says in respect of those that He has assigned as His mouthpiece on earth and how they are not supposed to be treated in Psalm 105:15, the Bible says, touch not my anointed and do my prophet no harm.

This also relates to mocking them and going against their instructions. It is absolutely a dangerous move to mock or go against the words of any man of God. It could be disastrous and gravely dangerous to do so. We still await further information in regards to the incident.

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